Updates and Post-Nationals Reflections

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted an update on my training and competition results. The Canadian Senior National Championships were last weekend in St. Catherine’s, Ontario marking the conclusion of the 2016/17 domestic season. I figured now was as good a time as any for some reflection and a wrap up on the last three months.

Since my last post I have been to the Paris Grand Prix in France, the Klippan Lady Open in Sweden, and the Senior National Championships in St. Catherine’s. The great news was that I was in a medal match at all three of those tournaments! Unfortunately, I was on the losing end of those final matches. I won a silver medal in France, I was 5th in Sweden, and I came away with a silver medal last weekend. The last three months have been very busy and filled with challenges – I was sick which affected my training, I had to overcome an injury to compete at Nationals, and I’m finishing the last course of my Masters degree. I’ve met all of these challenges head on and performed despite them and I earned a well-deserved and much needed break! I took this week off everything! No weights, no running, no practice, no diet – just rest and relaxation 🙂

I am a little disappointed about the final result from Nationals, but I am still proud of how I wrestled overall. I think I performed very well and I have identified some growing points and areas that need improvement. I will definitely be sure to work on those areas as soon as I am back on the mats. I want to be constantly evolving and bettering myself as an athlete and a wrestler. There is always something to learn from tournaments, training camps, and daily practice; Nationals was no different.

Some great news moving forward – I will be competing at the Jeux de la Francophonie in Ivory Coast this July! I look forward to getting back on the mats and training for that. I have just started working with a dietitian, Kristin Brown, who will be helping me transform my diet into something that will better fuel my performance and optimize my recovery. I have always had a healthy diet, but thankfully Kristin is well-versed in the science behind nutrition and she knows what my goals are and how we can achieve them together! I’m very much looking forward to reaping the benefits of that 🙂 Another awesome update is that I will be working with Amy Murphy at YogaGrow! Amy is super passionate about movement and physical activity and is going to be helping me strengthen my muscular endurance and increase flexibility through yoga practice. I am super excited to be working with her and she brings so much knowledge from her background as an athlete, a former massage therapist, and years of yoga practice.

One of the things I have been focused on this year is securing sponsors to help me on my journey toward Tokyo 2020. I have some great supporters in my corner and I want to highlight them and give them due diligence! I have decided that the month of April is going to be devoted to thanking them! I am going to dedicate a blog post per week to one of my supporters, putting them in the spotlight and highlighting how they have helped me! So, stay tuned for my first Supporter Highlight post next week on Synergy Training Center 🙂