Fall & Winter Updates – 2014/15


I have been plenty busy the last few weeks but I have finally started solidifying my schedule for the upcoming months!

I have been back on the mats after a short break following my success in Hungary and I am gearing up for some great tournaments this fall!

November 6-8 is the NYAC International in New York, NY
– Held in the New York Athletic Club in Manhattan, right next to Central Park. It is an awesome venue and a very high caliber event. If you feel like travelling to New York for the weekend, I definitely recommend you check it out! …And I would love the support 😉
– You can also check out the live results/webcast on trackwrestling.com. I will also be posting more updates closer to the event.
And, I will be departing November 22nd for the Brazil Cup
– Super excited about this one! I will be heading to Rio de Janeiro for a week to train in the 2016 Olympic venue! I will be posting updates closer to this as well.

AND! What is super exciting, is that in the new year I will be participating in the FANFIT Challenge on January 24th in Halifax, NS.
I highly recommend checking out their website: http://fanfit.ca/
They also have links to a Facebook and Twitter 🙂
There will be numerous celebrity athletes to challenge in various fitness activities and it is just going to be an all around awesome time!

On the academic side of things I will be presenting at two conferences this fall!
The first one, SCAPPS (the Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology) is starting tomorrow in my hometown of London, ON! You can check out their website if you would like more information: http://www.scapps2014.org/

The second one, the New Brunswick Health Research Conference, takes place in Monton, NB on November 13-14. You can check out more information on that conference if you would like at: http://www.nbhrf.com/conferences-and-events-nbhrf

I am excited to be sharing my research from my Honours Thesis in both of these great conferences!

That is all for now, but as always I will continue to post updates on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/samstewartwrestling
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Samm_Stewart
Personal website: https://SamStewartWrestling.ca/

Sam 🙂