Busy Summer – Busy Fall

I don’t think a student-athlete’s life is ever not busy, but I would like to update you all on mine over the summer and now creeping into the fall.

This summer I had the opportunity to compete at the 11th FISU Wrestling World University Championships in Pecs, Hungary. I won a Bronze medal in the 55kg weight category. On top of my individual performance, the Canadian women’s team won the Women’s Team Title for the event. After the competition I decided to stay in Hungary and, with a lot of help of my friend Vanessa Wilson, I made arrangements to travel to Budapest to train with the Hungarian national team at their National Team Training Center. The camp had athletes not just from Hungary, but also Norway, Germany, and Poland. It was challenging and tough training but it was great to experience a different regime and have so many different partners. I want to thank Vanessa again for helping me out so much, from showing me around and being a great travel companion to being my translator at times and our photographer documenting our adventures. I also want to again thank Akos Woller and Marianna Sastin for hosting me and not only helping me with accommodations  and travel, but taking me to see some of the great sights Hungary has to offer! I am hoping I can return to Hungary again and train with the team because it was such a great experience. I’ll have to practice more Hungarian first of course 😉

Upon returning to Canada at the end of July, having spent almost an entire month out of Fredericton, I had to sort out life at home by making arrangements for training and school. Training included meeting with my coaching staff on my plans for the month of August and consulting with my new strength and conditioning coach, Ken Morrison. August included a break from the mats, but over the last five weeks I have been on an awesome max strength program where I am lifting 4 days/week and running 2 days/week. This summer I had also just been accepted into the MEd Counselling program and the University of New Brunswick starting Monday. I am officially registered for all of my classes for the Fall and Winter terms and have a thesis supervisor, Jose Domene, whom I very much look forward to working with over the next two years! We are working towards finding a suitable thesis topic looking at athletes with mental health issues. The next couple of months will be spent reviewing the literature and working on Tri-Council grant applications.

I had the pleasure of visiting London, Ontario to visit family and friends at the end of August. It was my grandma’s 75th birthday celebration and I always enjoy going home to see everyone. I spent a lot of time with my brother, Alister, and my nephew, Crispin. I also went to see Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and Tyler Farr in concert at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto. It was an amazing show and I made some new friends at the Patio in downtown Toronto after the show. I also got to visit the Rogers Center and watch the Blue Jays play the Yankees. What made this time special was that Derek Jeter is retiring and this was his farewell weekend in Toronto. There was  beautiful weather which meant the dome was open and we were lucky enough to also get spectacular seats to the Canadian International Airshow going on at the same time. We saw a lot of great planes, but the Snowbirds were my obvious favourites.

This fall I have a lot on the go now that I’m back in Fredericton. I am working full-time at the Richard J. Currie Center on the University of New Brunswick campus for the fall. I am also taking three courses and working on my thesis. Starting Monday I will begin a new max strength phase of training with some more dynamic exercises than August’s program. I will be back on the mats training as well. In October I will be presenting my Honours thesis at the SCAPPS conference being held in my home town. I have a few tournaments scheduled this fall including the New York Athletic Club Holiday Invitational and the Brazil Cup/training camp. I have also just signed up to be apart of the FANfit challenge in conjunction with the CSCA. You can learn more about FANfit on their website, twitter, or Facebook pages.

I will try to post weekly blog updates, but if my summer was any indication (haha) it is a struggle for me to write on a frequent basis. For now I will commit to posting at least a short update every Friday with the possibility of more than once a week if there is especially a lot going on. Feel free to also follow me on Twitter: @Samm_Stewart or check out my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/samstewartwrestling/ as I frequently post on those as well. Just a reminder that all posts are my own opinions and are in no way affiliated with my team or organizations I have been connected with.  If you have comments or questions feel free to drop me a line on my website: SamStewartWrestling.ca/


Thanks again for following my journey! 🙂